Your Cloud, Your Way

Your Cloud, Your Way

So You Want Some Cloud?

If you hear cloud technology and immediately think Amazon or Azure, you are not alone. But did you think about datacentre hosting or your legacy on-premise infrastructure as a potential cloud?

When we think Cloud we think about all of the above and then some. Mainly though we think about an agile, infinitely flexible way of working – a cultural shift as well as a technology evolution – that spans all environments to provide a powerful, straightforward, cost-effective platform for excellent service and innovation.

Your Cloud, Your Way

More Cloud Right than Cloud first

The benefits are plentiful but it’s not a one size fits all type of thing. It’s about getting the right mix for your needs to make sure that your systems, workloads, budgets and people are underpinned by the best possible environment or cloud(s) to help them thrive.

Private or Public, Hybrid- and Multi- it has to be ‘Your Cloud, Your Way’ and that’s where we can help.

Your Cloud, Your Way

Choose Your Cloud

Private Cloud

Modernise your on-premise infrastructure and bring all the benefits of cloud to the security and comfort of your datacentre.

Public Cloud

The one, the only, the cloud that you probably thought about first.

Hybrid Cloud

aka Best of Both – One (seamlessly integrated) cloud to rule them all. The best of both worlds will ensure maximum flexibility for your needs.

Optimise & Manage

Clouds can drift, don’t let them. Intelligent analytics around systems, workloads, budget and security will ensure you are firmly in control with one-click.