The Humble Database

The humble database…
A solid base for your Data

For a solution at the heart of business, underpinning critical systems and ensuring data is accessible when needed, the database is the invisible hero of an organisation’s success. Few people realise the work it is doing but it must be resilient, scalable, secure and capable of processing large volumes of data and transactions at lightning speed. Luckily we work with some of the best around.

EDB PostgreSQL

The most powerful, reliable, open-source database – loved by business the world over -with jet boosters attached. Enterprise DB supercharge Postgres with performance and security enhancing developments as well as a host of enterprise grade additions to simplify administration and back-up that will lift your data environment to the next level.

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Lower Cost

Enterprise performance without expensive enterprise licensing cost.

Oracle Compatible

Transfer your apps and skills and leave the cost behind.


Built-in security to meet the latest regulatory standards and protect against threats.


Expert technical support packages for your PostgreSQL environment.


Synonymous with reliability and security DB2 is IBM’s flagship database. Now infused with AI, DB2 forms the foundation of the IBM Data Fabric and builds on its long heritage with improved performance, greater compression rates and support for a wide range of data types – all to empower your people and apps with the data and insight that drives success.

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Reduced Storage Costs

Leading compression rates mean less storage is needed.

Improved Performance

Query response is faster than ever before.

Advanced Protection

Encryption and Security enhancements protect your data and your business.

Open & Flexible

Ready to serve your enterprise apps with the data they need.


The stablemate of DB2 optimised for online transaction processing to support the most demanding of systems and ensure uninterrupted services for your customers. It’s no surprise Informix underpins some of the worlds leading gaming and retail platforms as it provides unrivalled stability, performance and security for your business’ data.

Informix is for you, but you’d prefer it in the cloud?
No problem!
Informix on cloud offers the same great performance but in the cloud!


Small footprint, non-disruptive and deployable in minutes.

OLTP Specialist

Optimised to power high transactional workloads.


Solid, reliable performance to support mission critical systems.

Easy to Manage

Built in ‘smart triggers’ to ease administration.


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Want to squeeze more from your enviroment?

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Harness Your Data

Choose Your Database Solution

The Humble Database

Ready to support your business systems as you deliver service and customer experience excellence.

Cloud Ready,
Cloud Native

Leveraging cloud technology for a more agile and lean approach to data management.

A Data Fabric

a single unified platform to connect and access data across all clouds delivering AI infused, real-time insight for your business.

Modernise & Automate

DBaaS style with your existing databases through simplified and intelligent automation.