Cloud Integration

It’s Good to Talk

When your apps start talking to each other and sharing data business moves faster, customer and user experience improves, and smiles appear on faces (bigger than they were before). But getting apps to communicate with each other isn’t easy. Just connecting them can drain all of your time and even more of your budget unless you have the help of a good conversation starter.

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Cloud Pak for Integration

The ultimate conversation starter for your systems and applications, Cloud Pak for Integration bridges the gap between clouds, connecting all your apps and enabling communication and data to flow easily and securely, at speed. No more connectivity worries, no more security headaches, no more delays.

Like Dot to Dot

With Cloud Pak for Integration, connecting applications is child’s play. Pre-built connectors and an intuitive, easy to use interface mean you essentially join the dots to link apps and their data fields to ensure a smooth and easy communication between the two, no matter their location. When the dots are joined sit back and let the data flow.

Turbo Charged

‘Where’s my data?’ will become a phrase of the past as Cloud Pak for Integration turbo-charges data transfer between systems and clouds over even the smallest of connections. Easily track and monitor the progress of data transfers as they securely move across your network at lightning speed without disrupting your day-to-day.

Safe as Houses

‘Loose lips, sink ships’ doesn’t apply here. Your systems and applications are free to communicate safe in the knowledge that the key information they are sharing is protected from prying eyes and ears. Enhanced security policies; persistent encrypted connections and intelligent monitoring systems give you the peace of mind you need.

Lower TCO

Save money and improve performance with Nutanix.

One Click Ease

Deploy and manage systems in minutes.

Optimise & Scale

Analytics to right-size systems and workloads.

Intelligent Automation

Save time as Nutanix takes care of the day to day.

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Your Cloud, Your Way

Choose Your Cloud

Private Cloud

Modernise your on-premise infrastructure and bring all the benefits of cloud to the security and comfort of your datacentre.

Public Cloud

The one, the only, the cloud that you probably thought about first.

Hybrid Cloud

aka Best of Both – One (seamlessly integrated) cloud to rule them all. The best of both worlds will ensure maximum flexibility for your needs.

Optimise & Manage

Clouds can drift, don’t let them. Intelligent analytics around systems, workloads, budget and security will ensure you are firmly in control with one-click.