Public Cloud

Azure or AWS or ….

If you haven’t done it already, you are probably thinking about moving some systems and workloads to the public cloud. The benefits are plentiful and far too tempting to ignore…

Elastic Scale

Public Cloud providers offer infinite scalability with remarkable ease. More compute needed? No problem. More storage? No problem. The response is near instantaneous allowing you to scale without limits.

Always On

With up-time figures like 99.999% you don’t need to worry about keeping the lights on in the public cloud. Rest assured that your systems will likely only ever go down when you tell them to!

Cloud Right?

We love public cloud but we believe it has to be right for you and your business. In some instances it will be the best fit, in others there might be more value in a more hybrid approach. There’s no doubt cloud technology is the way forward but we want to make sure it’s the right cloud technology for you.
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Your Cloud, Your Way

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Private Cloud

Modernise your on-premise infrastructure and bring all the benefits of cloud to the security and comfort of your datacentre.

Cloud Integration

When your apps start talking to each other and sharing data business moves faster, customer and user experience improves, and smiles appear on faces.

Hybrid Cloud

aka Best of Both – One (seamlessly integrated) cloud to rule them all. The best of both worlds will ensure maximum flexibility for your needs.

Optimise & Manage

Clouds can drift, don’t let them. Intelligent analytics around systems, workloads, budget and security will ensure you are firmly in control with one-click.