Unified Endpoint Management

Endpoints. Everywhere…

From on-premise to datacentres to public clouds. Desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. In the office, at home or in a coffee shop down the road. The endpoints of your organisation are everywhere, in many cases mobile, and constantly creating connections to your network creating an unwieldy mesh of security threats … unless of course you have HCL BigFix.

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One View, One Tool,
To Rule Them All

BigFix enables full visibility of all your endpoints across any location, and any cloud giving you the ability to monitor, manage and secure devices from a single unified view. From a unified view, to unified management, BigFix removes the need for disparate solutions and provides complete endpoint management capabilities to secure your business.

Watch our OnDemand Webinar: Securing the Hybrid Workplace.

Optimise & Reduce Costs

Improved Asset Management ensures every device and license is delivering value for the business and you license only what is needed.

Ease Management Complexity

A holistic view, with intelligent automation, means easier endpoint management and less time and resource to do what’s needed.

Improved Security & Compliance

Easily and quickly resolve issues and enforce security policies to protect against threats.

Automation for Ease

Intelligent Automation just makes life easier – it reduces the time to carry out updates and patches, it enables you to respond faster to any issues that arise and helps close the security gaps before they become a real issue. With BigFix you gain full control over your entire endpoint estate without draining your time, resource and budget.
Patch Lifecycle Compliance Inventory Insights Mobile


reduce risk and costs automating the management and deployment of patches across all endpoints, across all environments.


improve control and security without the resource drain as you easily discover, continuously monitor, and manage all endpoints at the click of a button.


intelligent automation helps to ensure continuous compliance with industry standard regulations while powerful analytics identify policy gaps and help you close them, fast.


keep track of all your endpoints and assets easily identifying any shortfalls and ensure maximum value from your investments by avoiding costly under-utilisation.


real time reporting and trend analysis of all endpoint data to improve operational efficiency, lower costs and secure your organisation against external threats.


automated and intelligent management of all mobile devices for increased control and improved security no matter the device location or connected status.
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Unified Endpoint Management

Full visibility and granular management of servers, laptops and mobile devices no matter the cloud, no matter their location, at the click of a button. Reduce your attack surface, ease security concerns and management pressures with HCL BigFix. Find out more.

Intelligent Data Resilience (Coming Soon)

One-click simplicity to protect and back-up your data across any cloud. With HYCU, business continuity and resilience has never been easier, ensuring that if the worst does happen you can recover and be back up and running with your data intact, instantly. Click through to find out how.
Unified Endpoint Management

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