Cloud Optimisation: When Native isn’t Enough

Often the first step into the world of cloud optimisation is adopting native tools like AWS Cost Explorer. These tools deliver some good results, come with a level of familiarity and are quick to set up but what are not without their limitations. To deliver true cloud optimisation and deeper…
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Cloud Optimisation Essentials: The What, The Why and The How

Cloud Optimisation is a topic of conversation in every organisation but what does it mean for you? In our brief webinar we reach beyond the cost reduction aspect and discuss why Cloud Optimisation should be looked at from a much broader perspective and the benefits it will bring to the…
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Reduce Your AWS Spend: A New Approach to Cloud

You’ve got a committed spend with AWS but instead of business as usual cloud services did you know that it could actually be used to dramatically reduce your future AWS spend and footprint? Even better, in the age of hybrid and multi-cloud, that committed AWS budget can do the same…
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“Regain Cloud Control Without Sacrificing Performance”

How do you keep your infrastructure flying high without burning through budget? In this live session plus Q&A, you'll learn how Turbonomic can help your organisation enjoy savings of between 30-50% across your clouds and datacentres while delivering improved application performance for the business and your customers.
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Regain Cloud Control

Imagine if your infrastructure had an autopilot that kept your apps on course while reducing data-centre and cloud costs. Download our Whitepaper to learn how you can close the gap between paying for what you deploy and what you actually use...
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What do your Apps have to do with the Planet?

What are you losing through application over-provisioning and zombie workloads? As applications sprawl across clouds how are you ensuring performance meets demand without it costing the earth? Let's explore the impact and how to improve performance while reducing consumption
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Multicloud endpoint security

Secure & Automate your Multi-Cloud Environment

Reduce Your Multi-Cloud Risk - Simplifying endpoint management in a complex world. As business continues to embrace cloud technology and the benefits it offers we are seeing systems and workloads deployed across clouds (private, public and hybrid) to create a multi-cloud system. The benefits are real but so to are…
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Cloud Native Postgres

Cloud Native PostreSQL

The final instalment in our webinar series centres on Cloud-Native PostgreSQL - bringing the power of the PostgreSQL database to the cloud environment of your choice. The Kubernetes operator built from the ground up by EDB provides users with a truly enterprise class, cloud native database offering. During this webinar…
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Database options in the cloud

Know your database options in the cloud

Database cloud adoption is accelerating. You may have picked a cloud but now you have to understand your deployment options. During this webinar, we will explore your database choices in the cloud such as DBaaS, Kubernetes, and virtual machines. We will review performance, cost, and enterprise capabilities.
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