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Bring the Cloud to You!

You don’t have to look outside to take advantage of cloud technology. You can have all the agility, performance, simplicity and ease of management in the security and comfort of your own datacentre with Nutanix.

From legacy to legendary

Separate storage, networking and compute – not to mention virtualisation – is cumbersome, causes performance bottlenecks, and huge budget issues (5 Yr storage cycles and VM Ware licensing anyone?). Just ‘keeping the lights on’ with the day to day admin can drain your time and your budgets. No wonder people look to cloud technology as a solution!

Condensing these silos into a single software defined layer creates a more fluid environment that breaks down silos, is easier to manage and performs better too. Goodbye legacy, hello legendary!

Secure, resilient, easy

Nutanix is built with security, resilience and simplicity at its core. Providing ‘always-on’ piece of mind, you can deploy and manage systems and workloads in minutes with one-click ease and ensure that precious IT resource is made available where its needed, when it’s needed.

No more under-utilisation or complex provisioning delays – just easy-to-manage, high performance systems that provide maximum value for money so you can focus your time and your budget on innovation, not administration.

Lower TCO

Save money and improve performance with Nutanix.

One Click Ease

Deploy and manage systems in minutes.

Optimise & Scale

Analytics to right-size systems and workloads.

Intelligent Automation

Save time as Nutanix takes care of the day to day.

Lower TCO

Save money and improve performance with Nutanix

One Click Ease

Deploy and manage systems in minutes

Optimise & Scale

Analytics to right-size systems and workloads

Intelligent Automation

Save time as Nutanix takes care of the day to day

find a better way

Green IT

There’s no denying it. We need to find a better way of operating our essential IT systems to help reduce our carbon footprint. Your customers and shareholders demand it. Nutanix can help you achieve it.

Infrastructure Consolidation

Nutanix means significantly less infrastructure which means less space and less waste.

Reduced Power Consumption

Smaller footprint means less energy to operate the servers and the datacentre. Cut carbon and costs!

Improved Capacity Management

Intelligent analytics enable optimised resource use reducing the need for extra kit.
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Your Cloud, Your Way

Choose Your Cloud

Cloud Integration

When your apps start talking to each other and sharing data business moves faster, customer and user experience improves, and smiles appear on faces.

Public Cloud

The one, the only, the cloud that you probably thought about first.

Hybrid Cloud

aka Best of Both – One (seamlessly integrated) cloud to rule them all. The best of both worlds will ensure maximum flexibility for your needs.

Optimise & Manage

Clouds can drift, don’t let them. Intelligent analytics around systems, workloads, budget and security will ensure you are firmly in control with one-click.

The Hybrid Workplace Security Headache

Securing your organisation with ease Let’s not mention the C or the P words but there’s no doubt the past 12-18 months have changed the way we work. Work from home or in the office businesses are increasingly heading towards a hybrid way of working. What does this mean for your environment, teams and people? We discuss key considerations of this evolution so that as a business you can offer your workforce the flexibility they are demanding around where they work, without sacrificing security or productivity.

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Secure & Automate your Multi-Cloud Environment

Reduce Your Multi-Cloud Risk – Simplifying endpoint management in a complex world

As business continues to embrace cloud technology and the benefits it offers we are seeing systems and workloads deployed across clouds (private, public and hybrid) to create a multi-cloud system. The benefits are real but so to are the challenges it presents around management and, in particular, security.

In this coffee break we will explore:
– Why Cloud and Multi-Cloud
– Multi-Cloud management and security challenges
– Key considerations to simplify endpoint management and reduce risk.

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Cloud Native PostgreSQL

The final instalment in our webinar series centres on Cloud-Native PostgreSQL – bringing the power of the PostgreSQL database to the cloud environment of your choice. The Kubernetes operator built from the ground up by EDB provides users with a truly enterprise class, cloud native database offering.

During this webinar we will cover:
– About DevOps & Cloud Native
– Overview of Cloud Native Postgres
– Storage for Postgres workloads in Kubernetes
– Start Using Cloud-Native Postgres

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Achieve more with PostgreSQL

In this lunch & learn where we will introduce PostreSQL and how it is helping business to exploit the full value of their data.

We will explore best practices that have helped industry leaders rapidly increase time to value from their data and analytics projects using PostgreSQL looking at the following areas:
– Why PostgreSQL
– Application Tiering
– Collaboration between DBAs and Development Teams
– Evangelizing
– Standardization and Automation
– Balance of Migration and New Development

This webinar is provided in partnership with EDB focussed on bringing enterprise class support and development to the leading open source database – PostgreSQL

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Know your Database Options in the Cloud

Database cloud adoption is accelerating. You may have picked a cloud but now you have to understand your deployment options. During this webinar, we will explore your database choices in the cloud such as DBaaS, Kubernetes, and virtual machines. We will review performance, cost, and enterprise capabilities.

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